About Us

Wet and Mucky came about after a few failed attempts at learning about the world of online media, e-commerce and the mysterious art of “blogging”.  We have launched and pulled a few different incarnations of websites over the last year including a fitness video site, a personal adventure blog, an affiliate shop and probably a few other ideas thrown in.  These have all now been allowed to lapse in order to focus on WetandMucky.com

So what it is that we’re trying to create here?  All of the above really, you will see affiliate links in the site (see Travel Links) and an explanation of what they are.  You will also see blog posts, both our own musings and links to friends and external blogs and articles which contain interesting information which we feel you would benefit from.  You will also find a link to our clothing store – over at WetandMucky,  this is powered by an established partner and provides great quality clothing, manufactured in the UK and available to ship worldwide, it is early days but we are constantly adding new designs, ideas and features, including the option to design your own t-shirt and hoodies direct on our site.

This site is new and we’re playing with it while it’s live so expect it to change over the next few months until we find a design and a format we are happy with, until then see you on the water, or at the crag, or on the trail…. Get outside and enjoy yourselves.

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