Funny Old Life – 2 years on

26/04/2019 0 By WetandMucky

I was once again reminded by Facebook that it was on this day in 2012 that I finished a career which I had been in for nearly 10 years, it was the kicking off point for roller-coaster period in my life which I talked about here:

Black & White, Me and Laura at the coast

So, what has the last 2 years been like?  Well I’m happy to say Laura and I are still together and continue to enjoy our adventures together.  We’ve deepened our bond and commitment by buying a house together which has been a new experience for both of us, moving in to our first home in June 2018, for a few days at least, before Laura headed off for nearly  month of travelling (I joined her for the last 2 weeks).

We visited the Alps again in Summer 2018, Laura extended the trip by heading out early with a few others to take in Germany, Austria and Slovenia before joining the rest of us in the French alps.  This part of the trip looked so inviting that we are taking a sabbatical from France this year and just focussing on the European tour with a smaller group.  The aim is to visit a few more destinations with a view to rotating the annual summer trip around various locations.  This will be my first time kayaking anywhere other than the UK or France, our plans will take us to Germany, Austria, Slovenia and back via Austria/Switzerland – To say I’m looking forward to this amazing adventure is an understatement!

I have focussed a lot more on Mountain Biking this year too and have discovered the joys of uplift days, with mates (Chucky and Gregg) – getting a lift to the top of the hill and only having to ride down… However, far from being an easy option it is actually pretty exhausting in it’s own right.  We have visited Bike Park Wales, Black Mountains MTB Centre and Antur Stiniog for uplift days.  We have also just returned from a 6 Day Easter Break to Scotland riding some of the 7 Stanes Trail Centres, which is where I realised that getting a lift to the top has done nothing to help my fitness levels…. I’ll do a separate blog about this trip soon.

I have also just stepped down as Chairman for the Canoe Club, I felt that after three and a half years it was time to step aside and let some new blood take over with fresh enthusiasm.  The new committee have just had their first meeting and I have to say I have very mixed emotions about handing the process over and not being involved any more.  It’s good that the largely new committee have so much enthusiasm and passion to drive the club forward which is very much needed, but I suddenly feel very ‘outside of the loop’ which is a little disconcerting, but I’m sure I will get used to it.

Part of the reason for stepping back as chairman was to free up time and attention to focus on other interests.  As I have discussed before I have been on a personal learning journey into the online world and exploring various options for substituting my income, maybe with a view to one day supporting myself away from the traditional 9-5 world (more accurately 7:30-5 for me).  I was brainstorming some ideas on how I could make the various websites join together and move forward in a more focussed way, when it dawned on me that I’ve learned quite a lot about web design and development over the last few years, maybe that could in itself be a marketable skill. 

KT Media - Logo
KT Media – Logo

I bought an App a couple of years ago and registered it on Google Play under the name KT Media, with a view that I may buy more apps in the future, this hasn’t happened, but the name may yet come into use.  I have been looking more into freelancing and web design recently after listening to podcasts from which has been very inspiring.  I have been taking an online learning course to expand my knowledge in this area which has been fascinating and extremely useful.  So I am now working towards setting up a side-gig as a freelance web designer/developer helping small businesses with setting up their web presence.  It’s fun learning and I genuinely enjoy it, who knows maybe this will actually become a viable business prospect – check back in another 2 years to see if I made it!  Keep adventuring..!