Humble beginnings….

04/04/2017 0 By Keith Turner

The start of a new journey…. into the virtual world.  I have recently taken a step into the online world by creating and running websites and e-commerce, I am definitely feeling around in the dark with this and trying to find my way with very little knowledge or experience however, it is very interesting and I’m certainly expanding my skill-set.
On a more personal level, I am also in the early stages of a new relationship which is all very exciting in itself.  However she has also surprised me by agreeing to join our annual kayaking/climbing/biking trip to the Alps in Summer – so preparations have begun…. Luckily she has some experience of paddling so it’s not a completely fresh start however it has been a while, so there are some nerves to overcome.

After a couple of pool sessions to get back in a boat and one successful roll…. last night saw the first foray onto moving water.  A trip to our local Weir playspot saw her practicing ferry gliding and S-turns across the flow and the improvement over the 2 hour session was significant and very good to see.  We’ll have her running Class IV rapids in no time! lol

But tonight, it’s my turn….. She’s taking me horse riding (my turn to be nervous!)

Here’s looking forward to a fun packed summer ahead!