Nice to know it works

Nice to know it works

10/04/2018 0 By WetandMucky

Had a nice surprise this week when I received an email from one of our affiliate partners, we had hit our earning threshold and were eligible for a payout.  Thats’s right, these things really work and can actually make a little money, we received a payment of £19.97 from Sportscover Direct, this is a small commission percentage from people who have clicked on our link and arranged their travel insurance with Sportscover Direct.

It’s not about to let us retire, but that first commission payment puts a big grin across your face.  Makes some of the hard work and learning worth while – so onwards and upwards, more partners, more links and build the website up into a something useful.  It’s slow going as this is strictly a part time enterprise with a steep learning curve, but we are starting to see how this could become a passive income generator for the future.

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